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EC&M in conjunction with it's strategic partners provides a comprehensive and integrated range of manufacturing services. Our prototype and manufacturing services range from single piece prototypes to large scale card assembly and system level manufacturing.

Card/Board Assembly & System Level Assembly......

We offer low quantity in-house prototype services. Volume builds are managed at our local assembly partner. We concentrate our engineering efforts in new product launches to assure a consistent, to spec, highly reliable product. Whether your needs are Through Hole, SMT, BGA, CBGA or product unique, we have the engineering support to assure consistent high quality manufacturing. Our strategic partners are ISO 9000 certified.

Click here to visit our integrated manufacturing partner - EMS Technology, Inc.

Manufacturing Support Services ......

  • Program Management - All new product launches are presented into manufacturing with a comprehensive management plan. Key areas addressed are approved component sourcing, process development and qualifications, logistics, test strategies and plans, quality plans, root cause failure analysis and End of Life (EOL) strategies.

  • Process Development & Support - New and Key processes are identified early in the product development phase. New processes are developed concurrently with the design phase and qualified prior to volume manufacturing. Critical process parameters are developed and maintained utilizing SPC. Included in our process qualification activities are x-sectional analysis support of component to board solder interfaces and component substrate verification.

  • Component Engineering - Component processing parameters are thoroughly understood prior to assembly. Wet processes and solder operations are closely maintained within all component processing parameters. Component guard banding and parametric data collection are maintained contingent upon the manufacturing plan.

  • Test Engineering Support - Pertinent test methodologies are identified early in the design phase. Components requiring programming prior to assembly are developed and maintained at qualified vendors. Test strategies from ICT to final system level test are developed jointly between our development engineers and manufacturing test engineers.

Additional Manufacturing Services Include:

  • Sheet Metal Stamping.

  • Electroplating - Yellow Zinc, Clear Zinc, galvanized, gold and exotic metals.

  • Machine Shop Services - Including tooling, dies, welding and volume manufacturing.

  • Injection Molding - thermo-sets, engineering plastics, structural foams.

  • Vacuum Form - Wide range of materials sized up to 4' x 4'.

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