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Mechanical Engineering.....

Electronic Packaging must have a complimentary base of solid Mechanical Engineering for a design to meet it's objectives. From commercial to military applications, you can be assured we understand and apply the up front analytical work for your project to withstand the test of time. We take the time to understand the application, it's environment, agency certifications and manufacturing processes - upfront in the conceptual stage. Physical space, centers of gravity and thermal management are just a few of the many concepts that must be considered in the design phase.

At EC&M, Inc. we understand the materials and processes such that you can be assured of the most reliable and cost effective design possible. We take the time to understand your design points.

Agency Certifications....


EC&M, Inc. has been involved in all aspects of product certifications. Through our local testing agency we provide UL, CSA and CE certifications when required.

In areas where a new design has not been previously introduced for certification, we work with the appropriate testing agencies to generate compliance specifications. In addition we provide analytical support for EMI analysis.

Whether it's Mil-Spec, COTS or industry standard we have experience to provide the certification and testing as required.

Testing Capabilities....

Utilizing the test facilities at Binghamton University, we provide both Shock/Vibration testing and Thermal Stress Testing.

Click here to visit Binghamton University's testing facilities.

Specialty Testing (Zinc Whisker).....

As power designs become more compact - that is closer lead spacing and tighter circuit line proximity - dislodged metallic plating has created shorting anomalies resulting in premature product failure. To overcome failure modes of this nature, EC&M designs it's product to minimize these conditions and has developed testing methodologies to determine failure mode impact. Please contact us for more information in regards to our "Zinc Whisker" test methodology and failure analysis.

Engineering Analysis & Design Tools:

  • Pro/Engineer - Mechanical Design including sheet metal, castings, injection molding, extrusions, heat sinks, connectors, cabling.
  • Pro/Mechanical & Analysis - Mechanical Analysis including vibration, thermally induced stress, tolerance analysis.
  • Flotherm & Auto thermal - Thermal Analysis including component to system level thermal management analysis, heat sink design and fan selection.
  • Ansoft - Finite Element Modeling and analytical software utilized in the development of magnetics.
  • MAPLE - Mathematical Symbolic Solver.
  • MathCAD - Math Analysis, graphical simulation. Vers 2002
  • PSpice - Circuit Simulation & Analysis. 
  • P-cad - Electrical Simulation, Schematics, Card & Board Layout. Vers  9,13,2001.
  • Altera Max Plus Asic Design - Chip level design and layout, modeling & simulation, VHDL & AHDL, pulse simulation.
  • AutoCAD - Mechanical Design & Layout. Vers-9 to 2002
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