·     Schools, Day Cares, Youth Groups

Day Care Centers, Private Schools, Public Schools, Church Groups, Corporations, Youth Groups, Recreation Centers, Government Agencies, Private Business Organizations, Non-Profit Groups…


·       Reserve early to get the time you need for only $2.75 per person.

This option is available for groups that will pay for the whole group.


·       Table space will be issued as needed for lunches and parties.

Nickelrama will issue table space depending on group size, needs, and our availability.


·       Teachers and Chaperones are exempt from admission.

The students and kids are the only ones charged admission being that Teachers and Chaperones are generally employees and volunteers. These groups are usually larger in size and are able to provide repetitive business.


·       We can accommodate a group of up to 290 people.

Groups larger than this need to split up there students on different times and or days.



Reserve the days and times you need with this link: