Org transaction log -- BULL
Regular season

4/12/2018HHHBandyPromoted to active roster  Before
4/12/2018HHHSmith,KPlaced on disabled list 4/9/2018Before
4/12/2018LBYDelgadoPlaced on disabled list 4/12/2018Before
4/12/2018LBYKarnsPromoted to active roster  Before
4/12/2018WBSHarperPlaced on disabled list 4/7/2018Before
4/12/2018WBSMartinez,VPromoted to active roster  Before
4/19/2018KWKeuchelPlaced on disabled list 4/17/2018Before
4/19/2018KWWheeler,ZPromoted to active roster  Before
4/19/2018LBHernandez,FPromoted to active roster  Before
4/19/2018LBStrailyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/19/2018WBSDruryPromoted to active roster  Before
4/19/2018WBSPerkins,GDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/26/2018ATDiaz,ElDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/26/2018ATDukePromoted to active roster  Before
4/26/2018ATGiolitoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/26/2018ATGregersonPromoted to active roster  Before
4/26/2018ATHerrera,KDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/26/2018ATMaxwellPromoted to active roster  Before
4/26/2018HHHBandyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/26/2018HHHSmith,KActivated from disabled list  Before
4/26/2018WBSHarperActivated from disabled list  Before
4/26/2018WBSTroutPlaced on disabled list 4/22/2018Before
5/2/2018ATChatwoodTraded awayLB After
5/2/2018ATEncarnacionAcquired via tradeLB After
5/2/2018ATFisterAcquired via tradeLB After
5/2/2018ATZimmermanTraded awayLB After
5/2/2018LBChatwoodAcquired via tradeAT After
5/2/2018LBEncarnacionTraded awayAT After
5/2/2018LBFisterTraded awayAT After
5/2/2018LBZimmermanAcquired via tradeAT After
5/3/2018ATBettisSigned  Before
5/3/2018ATDyson,SReleased  Before
5/3/2018DBEstevezReleased  Before
5/3/2018DBFlaherty,RSigned  Before
5/3/2018DBGarcia,JarDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/3/2018DBKochSigned  Before
5/3/2018DBLawReleased  Before
5/3/2018DBMitchellReleased  Before
5/3/2018DBMorontaSigned  Before
5/3/2018DBOsichReleased  Before
5/3/2018DBOttavinoSigned  Before
5/3/2018DBOttavinoPromoted to active roster  Before
5/3/2018DLCMinayaReleased  Before
5/3/2018DLCRobertson,DanSigned  Before
5/3/2018DZAranoSigned  Before
5/3/2018DZFinneganReleased  Before
5/3/2018FMFiersSigned  Before
5/3/2018FMGonzalez,MiReleased  Before
5/3/2018FMMarisnickReleased  Before
5/3/2018FMStassi,MSigned  Before
5/3/2018FWXHellicksonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/3/2018FWXHellicksonPromoted to active roster  Before
5/3/2018FWXHerediaPromoted to active roster  Before
5/3/2018FWXMargotDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/3/2018FWXSwansonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/3/2018FWXWongPromoted to active roster  Before
5/3/2018HHHChavezDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/3/2018HHHPerez,HPromoted to active roster  Before
5/3/2018KWKittredgeSigned  Before
5/3/2018KWPeralta,JReleased  Before
5/3/2018KWVelazquezSigned  Before
5/3/2018KWWerthReleased  Before
5/3/2018LBButlerReleased  Before
5/3/2018LBHernandez,FDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/3/2018LBPinedaPromoted to active roster  Before
5/3/2018LBStrailyPromoted to active roster  Before
5/3/2018LBStumpfSigned  Before
5/3/2018LBStumpfDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/3/2018LBSuzuki,IReleased  Before
5/3/2018LBWendleSigned  Before
5/3/2018PHIBowmanReleased  Before
5/3/2018PHICanhaSigned  Before
5/3/2018SCSBummerReleased  Before
5/3/2018SCSGuerra,JuSigned  Before
5/3/2018WBSPerkins,GReleased  Before
5/3/2018WBSRoss,TSigned  Before
5/3/2018WWCasillaReleased  Before
5/3/2018WWJohnson,JSigned  Before
5/3/2018WWJohnson,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/9/2018ATCingraniAcquired via tradeDB After
5/9/2018DBCingraniTraded awayAT After
5/10/2018ATChenPlaced on disabled list 5/2/2018Before
5/10/2018ATCingraniDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/10/2018ATFisterPromoted to active roster  Before
5/10/2018ATLeiterPromoted to active roster  Before
5/10/2018ATSkaggsPlaced on disabled list 5/4/2018Before
5/10/2018ATStrahmReleased  Before
5/10/2018DBFlaherty,RReleased  Before
5/10/2018DBHansonSigned  Before
5/10/2018DBHansonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/10/2018DBHansonPromoted to active roster  Before
5/10/2018DBMaurerReleased  Before
5/10/2018DBMesoracoSigned  Before
5/10/2018DBPerez,RReleased  Before
5/10/2018DBPresslySigned  Before
5/10/2018DBSmith,CalSigned  Before
5/10/2018DLCAlburquerqueDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/10/2018DLCBarnes,APromoted to active roster  Before
5/10/2018DLCEllsburyPromoted to active roster  Before
5/10/2018DLCPhamPlaced on disabled list 5/9/2018Before
5/10/2018FMGonzalez,MiSigned  Before
5/10/2018FMGriffinReleased  Before
5/10/2018KWBumgarnerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/10/2018KWKeuchelActivated from disabled list  Before
5/10/2018LBStrailyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/10/2018LBTanakaPromoted to active roster  Before
5/10/2018PHICervelliPromoted to active roster  Before
5/10/2018PHIChirinosPlaced on disabled list 5/7/2018Before
5/10/2018WBSBundyPlaced on disabled list 5/6/2018Before
5/10/2018WBSCahillSigned  Before
5/10/2018WBSFulmer,CPromoted to active roster  Before
5/10/2018WBSPhillips,BraReleased  Before
5/10/2018WBSPhillips,BraDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/10/2018WBSTroutActivated from disabled list  Before
5/17/2018ATChenActivated from disabled list  Before
5/17/2018ATCingraniPromoted to active roster  Before
5/17/2018ATGregersonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/17/2018ATLeiterDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/17/2018DBAlvaradoPromoted to active roster  Before
5/17/2018DBBarnes,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/17/2018DBHaderPromoted to active roster  Before
5/17/2018DBKochPromoted to active roster  Before
5/17/2018DBMcCann,BDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/17/2018DBMorganDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/17/2018DBMorontaPromoted to active roster  Before
5/17/2018DBRomine,AuPromoted to active roster  Before
5/17/2018DBRondon,HDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/17/2018DBSmith,CalDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/17/2018DLCAlburquerqueReleased  Before
5/17/2018DLCGonzalez,ESigned  Before
5/17/2018DLCRobertson,DanReleased  Before
5/17/2018DLCWinklerSigned  Before
5/17/2018FMCentenoReleased  Before
5/17/2018FMCuthbertReleased  Before
5/17/2018FMSeverino,PSigned  Before
5/17/2018FMSmith,DwSigned  Before
5/17/2018LBYDelgadoActivated from disabled list  Before
5/17/2018LBYKarnsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/17/2018PHICanhaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/17/2018PHICanhaPromoted to active roster  Before
5/17/2018RWPelfreyReleased  Before
5/17/2018RWZieglerSigned  Before
5/17/2018WWAvilesReleased  Before
5/17/2018WWJohnson,JPromoted to active roster  Before
5/17/2018WWTomlinSigned  Before
5/23/2018ATRodneyAcquired via tradeKW After
5/23/2018ATStricklandTraded awayKW After
5/23/2018DBManaeaTraded awayFWX After
5/23/2018DBReynolds,MarTraded awayFWX After
5/23/2018FWXManaeaAcquired via tradeDB After
5/23/2018FWXReynolds,MarAcquired via tradeDB After
5/23/2018KWRodneyTraded awayAT After
5/23/2018KWStricklandAcquired via tradeAT After
5/24/2018ATCasillaSigned  Before
5/24/2018ATDiaz,ElPromoted to active roster  Before
5/24/2018ATGallagherSigned  Before
5/24/2018ATGregersonReleased  Before
5/24/2018ATHerrera,KPromoted to active roster  Before
5/24/2018ATLylesSigned  Before
5/24/2018ATMachado,DReleased  Before
5/24/2018ATMaxwellReleased  Before
5/24/2018ATMinterDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/24/2018DBBandaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/24/2018DBBandaPromoted to active roster  Before
5/24/2018DBCarleSigned  Before
5/24/2018DBCarleDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/24/2018DBCarlePromoted to active roster  Before
5/24/2018DBHansonPromoted to active roster  Before
5/24/2018DBKochDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/24/2018DBMaileSigned  Before
5/24/2018DBMaileDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/24/2018DBRondon,HPromoted to active roster  Before
5/24/2018DBSmith,CalPromoted to active roster  Before
5/24/2018DLCAnderson,BriDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/24/2018DLCMortonPlaced on disabled list 5/13/2018Before
5/24/2018DLCPhamActivated from disabled list  Before
5/24/2018DLCSuterPromoted to active roster  Before
5/24/2018FWXBirdDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/24/2018FWXBirdPromoted to active roster  Before
5/24/2018FWXConleyReleased  Before
5/24/2018FWXGloverReleased  Before
5/24/2018FWXHellicksonPromoted to active roster  Before
5/24/2018FWXMatzDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/24/2018FWXReynolds,MarDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/24/2018PHICanhaPromoted to active roster  Before
5/24/2018PHICervelliDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/31/2018ATBarretoPromoted to active roster  Before
5/31/2018ATCasillaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/31/2018DBBandaPromoted to active roster  Before
5/31/2018DBBarnes,JPromoted to active roster  Before
5/31/2018DBCarlePromoted to active roster  Before
5/31/2018DBCrawford,JPromoted to active roster  Before
5/31/2018DBMailePromoted to active roster  Before
5/31/2018DBMesoracoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/31/2018DBMorontaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/31/2018DBRondon,HDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/31/2018DBSaladinoSigned  Before
5/31/2018DBSmith,CalDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/31/2018DBSogardReleased  Before
5/31/2018DBTomlinsonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/31/2018DLCBarnes,DPromoted to active roster  Before
5/31/2018DLCBridwellDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/31/2018DLCMortonActivated from disabled list  Before
5/31/2018DLCTurner,JuPlaced on disabled list 5/11/2018Before
5/31/2018FMCastillo,LDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/31/2018FMGonzalez,MiPromoted to active roster  Before
5/31/2018FMJoycePromoted to active roster  Before
5/31/2018FMMengdenDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/31/2018FMPhillips,BreDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/31/2018FMSmith,DwPromoted to active roster  Before
5/31/2018FMStassi,MDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/31/2018FMZimmermannPromoted to active roster  Before
5/31/2018FWXBirdDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/31/2018FWXReynolds,MarPromoted to active roster  Before
5/31/2018HHHButlerSigned  Before
5/31/2018HHHMerrittReleased  Before
5/31/2018HHHSimsSigned  Before
5/31/2018HHHSmylyReleased  Before
5/31/2018KWColon,BPromoted to active roster  Before
5/31/2018KWDavis,CPromoted to active roster  Before
5/31/2018KWLugoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/31/2018KWMartinez,JoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/31/2018KWNorris,DaPromoted to active roster  Before
5/31/2018KWVolquezDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/31/2018PHIAlbiesPromoted to active roster  Before
5/31/2018PHICanhaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/31/2018PHIChirinosActivated from disabled list  Before
5/31/2018PHITorreyesDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/31/2018SCSAsuajeReleased  Before
5/31/2018SCSAvilaReleased  Before
5/31/2018SCSDavis,JReleased  Before
5/31/2018SCSJankowski,TSigned  Before
5/31/2018SCSRodriguez,RichSigned  Before
5/31/2018SCSSanchez,AniSigned  Before
6/4/2018DBMaileTraded awayFWX After
6/4/2018DBMcCann,BTraded awayFWX After
6/4/2018DBNarvaezAcquired via tradeFWX After
6/4/2018FWXMaileAcquired via tradeDB After
6/4/2018FWXMcCann,BAcquired via tradeDB After
6/4/2018FWXNarvaezTraded awayDB After
6/4/2018LBSnellAcquired via tradeLC After
6/4/2018LBYelichTraded awayLC After
6/4/2018LCSnellTraded awayLB After
6/4/2018LCYelichAcquired via tradeLB After
6/5/2018ATBradfordSigned  Before
6/5/2018ATCasillaReleased  Before
6/5/2018ATFreeseSigned  Before
6/5/2018ATHeadleyReleased  Before
6/5/2018DBCarleReleased  Before
6/5/2018DBDavis,JReleased  Before
6/5/2018DBDavis,JSigned  Before
6/5/2018DBGarcia,JarPromoted to active roster  Before
6/5/2018DBJones,JSigned  Before
6/5/2018DBMartinez,NSigned  Before
6/5/2018DBMartinez,NDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/5/2018FFOGeeDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/5/2018FFOVincentPromoted to active roster  Before
6/5/2018FWXMaileDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/5/2018FWXMcCann,BPromoted to active roster  Before
6/5/2018FWXMontero,MReleased  Before
6/5/2018KWBowmanSigned  Before
6/5/2018KWKittredgeReleased  Before
6/5/2018LBSnellPromoted to active roster  Before
6/5/2018PHILeoneDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/5/2018PHIOhPromoted to active roster  Before
6/5/2018RWMcHughPromoted to active roster  Before
6/5/2018RWVelasquezDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/5/2018WBSBundyActivated from disabled list  Before
6/5/2018WBSDavis,WDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/5/2018WBSFulmer,CDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/5/2018WBSMartinez,VDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/5/2018WBSProfarPromoted to active roster  Before
6/5/2018WBSWietersPromoted to active roster  Before
6/5/2018WWBlazekReleased  Before
6/5/2018WWBlazekPromoted to active roster  Before
6/5/2018WWde la Rosa,RReleased  Before
6/5/2018WWFrySigned  Before
6/5/2018WWSantana,EdSigned  Before
6/9/2018FWXLeMahieuAcquired via tradeWW After
6/9/2018FWXManaeaTraded awayWW After
6/9/2018FWXSolarteTraded awayWW After
6/9/2018WWLeMahieuTraded awayFWX After
6/9/2018WWManaeaAcquired via tradeFWX After
6/9/2018WWSolarteAcquired via tradeFWX After
6/10/2018ATGallagherReleased  Before
6/10/2018ATGarverSigned  Before
6/10/2018ATHerrera,KDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/10/2018ATLeiterPromoted to active roster  Before
6/10/2018ATSabathiaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/10/2018ATSkaggsActivated from disabled list  Before
6/10/2018DBBandaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/10/2018DBHernandez,GSigned  Before
6/10/2018DBJones,JReleased  Before
6/10/2018DBMartinez,NPromoted to active roster  Before
6/10/2018DLCBaderDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/10/2018DLCGonzalez,EDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/10/2018DLCGonzalez,EPromoted to active roster  Before
6/10/2018DLCRamirez,JCPromoted to active roster  Before
6/10/2018FMBelislePromoted to active roster  Before
6/10/2018FMDeversDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/10/2018FMHoskinsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/10/2018FMMahlePromoted to active roster  Before
6/10/2018FMSalasPromoted to active roster  Before
6/10/2018FMSeverino,PDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/10/2018FWXCrickPromoted to active roster  Before
6/10/2018FWXde la Rosa,JPromoted to active roster  Before
6/10/2018FWXPaganDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/10/2018FWXShaw,BDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/10/2018LBFreelandDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/10/2018LBHanigerPromoted to active roster  Before
6/10/2018LBStrailyPromoted to active roster  Before
6/10/2018LBTanakaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/10/2018LBYDunnPromoted to active roster  Before
6/10/2018LBYFariaPlaced on disabled list 6/9/2018Before
6/10/2018LBYHolland,GPlaced on disabled list 6/7/2018Before
6/10/2018LBYKarnsPromoted to active roster  Before
6/10/2018SCSBraultDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/10/2018SCSChafinPromoted to active roster  Before
6/10/2018SCSOteroDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/10/2018SCSTaillonPromoted to active roster  Before
6/10/2018WWRuppReleased  Before
6/14/2018ATGibsonAcquired via tradeDB After
6/14/2018ATGiolitoTraded awayDB After
6/14/2018ATSpanAcquired via tradeDB After
6/14/2018DBGibsonTraded awayAT After
6/14/2018DBGiolitoAcquired via tradeAT After
6/14/2018DBSpanTraded awayAT After
6/14/2018FWXGonzalez,MaAcquired via tradeLB After
6/14/2018HHHBarnes,MAcquired via tradeKW After
6/14/2018HHHBumgarnerAcquired via tradeKW After
6/14/2018HHHMendezTraded awayKW After
6/14/2018KWBarnes,MTraded awayHHH After
6/14/2018KWBumgarnerTraded awayHHH After
6/14/2018KWMendezAcquired via tradeHHH After
6/14/2018LBGonzalez,MaTraded awayFWX After
6/15/2018ATBarretoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/15/2018ATBradfordPromoted to active roster  Before
6/15/2018ATDukeReleased  Before
6/15/2018ATGibsonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/15/2018DBAlvaradoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/15/2018DBGermanPromoted to active roster  Before
6/15/2018DBGiolitoPromoted to active roster  Before
6/15/2018DBHernandez,GPromoted to active roster  Before
6/15/2018DBHolderSigned  Before
6/15/2018DLCBarnes,ADemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/15/2018DLCMorrowDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/15/2018DLCMorrowPromoted to active roster  Before
6/15/2018DLCScheblerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/15/2018DLCScheblerPromoted to active roster  Before
6/15/2018DLCTurner,JuActivated from disabled list  Before
6/15/2018FWXde la Rosa,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/15/2018FWXPaganPromoted to active roster  Before
6/15/2018KWAlbers,ASigned  Before
6/15/2018KWVelazquezPromoted to active roster  Before
6/15/2018LBMiller,SSigned  Before
6/15/2018PHIKershawPlaced on disabled list 6/14/2018Before
6/15/2018PHILeonePromoted to active roster  Before
6/15/2018PHIOhDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/15/2018WBSHarveyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/15/2018WBSHarveyPromoted to active roster  Before
6/15/2018WBSHarveyPromoted to active roster  Before
6/15/2018WBSPriceDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/19/2018ATFisterTraded awayFWX After
6/19/2018DBGarrettAcquired via tradeFWX After
6/19/2018DBGiolitoTraded awaySCS After
6/19/2018DBGray,JAcquired via tradeFWX After
6/19/2018DBHaderTraded awayFWX After
6/19/2018DBHansonTraded awaySCS After
6/19/2018DBInciarteTraded awayFWX After
6/19/2018DBSmith,MAcquired via tradeSCS After
6/19/2018DBSwansonAcquired via tradeFWX After
6/19/2018DBVillanuevaAcquired via tradeFWX After
6/19/2018FWXFisterAcquired via tradeAT After
6/19/2018FWXGarrettTraded awayDB After
6/19/2018FWXGray,JTraded awayDB After
6/19/2018FWXHaderAcquired via tradeDB After
6/19/2018FWXInciarteAcquired via tradeDB After
6/19/2018FWXSwansonTraded awayDB After
6/19/2018FWXVillanuevaTraded awayDB After
6/19/2018SCSGiolitoAcquired via tradeDB After
6/19/2018SCSHansonAcquired via tradeDB After
6/19/2018SCSSmith,MTraded awayDB After
6/20/2018ATHardy,BSigned  Before
6/20/2018ATHardy,BDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/20/2018ATSabathiaPromoted to active roster  Before
6/20/2018DBBandaReleased  Before
6/20/2018DBBandaPromoted to active roster  Before
6/20/2018DBGiolitoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/20/2018DBGray,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/20/2018DBGray,JPromoted to active roster  Before
6/20/2018DBMorganPromoted to active roster  Before
6/20/2018DBRamos,EDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/20/2018DBRondon,HPromoted to active roster  Before
6/20/2018DBTomlinsonPromoted to active roster  Before
6/20/2018DLCMorrowDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/20/2018DLCScheblerPromoted to active roster  Before
6/20/2018FMDyson,SSigned  Before
6/20/2018FMDyson,SDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/20/2018FMSherriffReleased  Before
6/20/2018FWXDuffyPlaced on disabled list 6/20/2018Before
6/20/2018FWXMatzPromoted to active roster  Before
6/20/2018FWXPaganDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/20/2018FWXWhitleySigned  Before
6/20/2018FWXWhitleyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/20/2018FWXWongDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/20/2018HHHDiekmanReleased  Before
6/20/2018LBBedrosianReleased  Before
6/20/2018LBBedrosianDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/20/2018LBCandelarioPromoted to active roster  Before
6/20/2018LBDrewSigned  Before
6/20/2018LBMerrittSigned  Before
6/20/2018LBMerrittDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/20/2018LBStumpfReleased  Before
6/20/2018LBYDe LeonReleased  Before
6/20/2018LBYMurphy,JSigned  Before
6/20/2018PHILeoneDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/20/2018PHIOhPromoted to active roster  Before
6/20/2018SCSHarrisDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/20/2018SCSSanchez,AniDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/20/2018WBSDavis,WPromoted to active roster  Before
6/20/2018WBSMarisnickSigned  Before
6/20/2018WBSMartinez,VReleased  Before
6/20/2018WBSYatesDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/20/2018WWAlfaroPromoted to active roster  Before
6/20/2018WWSolarteDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/20/2018WWTravis,SDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/25/2018CRWThompson,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/25/2018DBGarcia,LeDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/25/2018DBGray,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/25/2018DBHolderPromoted to active roster  Before
6/25/2018DBMesoracoPromoted to active roster  Before
6/25/2018DBNarvaezDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/25/2018DBRondon,HDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/25/2018DBSmith,CalPromoted to active roster  Before
6/25/2018DBSmith,MDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/25/2018DBSwansonPromoted to active roster  Before
6/25/2018DBWilliamsonPromoted to active roster  Before
6/25/2018DLCCorbinPromoted to active roster  Before
6/25/2018DLCEllsburyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/25/2018FMMaddoxPromoted to active roster  Before
6/25/2018FMSmith,DwDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/25/2018HHHStriplingDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/25/2018LBYBoxbergerPromoted to active roster  Before
6/25/2018LBYPetitDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/25/2018LCBusenitzDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/25/2018LCMeyerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/25/2018LCUriasPromoted to active roster  Before
6/25/2018SCSPolanco,GPromoted to active roster  Before
6/25/2018SCSWarrenPromoted to active roster  Before
6/30/2018DBConleySigned  Before
6/30/2018DBCoveySigned  Before
6/30/2018DBCoveyPromoted to active roster  Before
6/30/2018DBMartinez,NReleased  Before
6/30/2018DBMorganReleased  Before
6/30/2018PHISyndergaardDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/30/2018PHITorreyesPromoted to active roster  Before
6/30/2018PHITriggsPromoted to active roster  Before
6/30/2018WBSBroxton,KDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/30/2018WBSMarisnickPromoted to active roster  Before
6/30/2018WBSMoncadaPromoted to active roster  Before
6/30/2018WBSProfarDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/4/2018ATGivensTraded awayFWX After
7/4/2018ATHamelsTraded awayFWX After
7/4/2018ATHellicksonAcquired via tradeFWX After
7/4/2018ATLackeyTraded awayPHI After
7/4/2018ATMarte,KAcquired via tradeFWX After
7/4/2018DBCrawford,JTraded awayFM After
7/4/2018DBRomine,AuTraded awayFFO After
7/4/2018DZMiller,ATraded awayPHI After
7/4/2018DZStromanAcquired via tradePHI After
7/4/2018FFORomine,AuAcquired via tradeDB After
7/4/2018FMCrawford,JAcquired via tradeDB After
7/4/2018FWXGivensAcquired via tradeAT After
7/4/2018FWXHamelsAcquired via tradeAT After
7/4/2018FWXHellicksonTraded awayAT After
7/4/2018FWXMarte,KTraded awayAT After
7/4/2018PHIArroyo,CTraded awayWW After
7/4/2018PHILackeyAcquired via tradeAT After
7/4/2018PHIMiller,AAcquired via tradeDZ After
7/4/2018PHIRyuAcquired via tradeWW After
7/4/2018PHIStromanTraded awayDZ After
7/4/2018WWArroyo,CAcquired via tradePHI After
7/4/2018WWRyuTraded awayPHI After
7/5/2018ATBettisReleased  Before
7/5/2018ATCain,MSigned  Before
7/5/2018ATCain,MPromoted to active roster  Before
7/5/2018ATChenReleased  Before
7/5/2018ATHardy,BPromoted to active roster  Before
7/5/2018ATHellicksonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/5/2018ATHerrera,KPromoted to active roster  Before
7/5/2018ATMarte,KDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/5/2018ATRosario,RSigned  Before
7/5/2018ATRosario,RDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/5/2018ATRoss,JSigned  Before
7/5/2018CRWAlvarez,JPromoted to active roster  Before
7/5/2018DBCarleSigned  Before
7/5/2018DBGantSigned  Before
7/5/2018DBGarcia,LePromoted to active roster  Before
7/5/2018DBGarrettPromoted to active roster  Before
7/5/2018DBGermanDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/5/2018DBHeadleySigned  Before
7/5/2018DBLeon,SSigned  Before
7/5/2018DBNarvaezPromoted to active roster  Before
7/5/2018DBSmith,CalReleased  Before
7/5/2018DBUtleyReleased  Before
7/5/2018DBWilliams,TaSigned  Before
7/5/2018DBWilliams,TaPromoted to active roster  Before
7/5/2018DBWilliamsonReleased  Before
7/5/2018DLCBarnes,ADemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/5/2018DLCBarnes,APromoted to active roster  Before
7/5/2018DLCMorrowDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/5/2018DLCMorrowPromoted to active roster  Before
7/5/2018DLCPeacockDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/5/2018DLCPeacockPromoted to active roster  Before
7/5/2018FMRivera,TPlaced on disabled list 6/13/2018Before
7/5/2018FWXGivensDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/5/2018FWXJayDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/5/2018FWXPeralta,DDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/5/2018FWXRodriguez,SPromoted to active roster  Before
7/5/2018FWXWongPromoted to active roster  Before
7/5/2018PHICanhaPromoted to active roster  Before
7/5/2018PHIRamirez,Jose,ADemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/5/2018PHITorreyesDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/5/2018PHITriggsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/5/2018SCSBuchholzSigned  Before
7/5/2018SCSBuchholzPromoted to active roster  Before
7/5/2018SCSOteroReleased  Before
7/5/2018SCSPeralta,WaReleased  Before
7/5/2018WWGallardoSigned  Before
7/5/2018WWTravis,SReleased  Before
7/10/2018DBCarleReleased  Before
7/10/2018DBGarcia,JarDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/10/2018DBKochReleased  Before
7/10/2018DBMayersSigned  Before
7/10/2018DBPenceReleased  Before
7/10/2018DBRamos,EPromoted to active roster  Before
7/10/2018DBSlaterSigned  Before
7/10/2018DBSlaterDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/10/2018DBSmith,MPromoted to active roster  Before
7/10/2018DBStrahmSigned  Before
7/10/2018DLCMorrowPromoted to active roster  Before
7/10/2018DLCPeacockDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/10/2018FFOHerrmannReleased  Before
7/10/2018FMMaddoxReleased  Before
7/10/2018PHICanhaReleased  Before
7/10/2018PHIKershawActivated from disabled list  Before
7/10/2018WBSHarperPlaced on disabled list 7/10/2018Before
7/10/2018WBSProfarPromoted to active roster  Before
7/10/2018WWBarrettReleased  Before
7/10/2018WWSherfyPromoted to active roster  Before
7/10/2018WWSmith,CalSigned  Before
7/10/2018WWSmith,CalDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/14/2018ATDudaAcquired via tradeSCS After
7/14/2018ATFeddeTraded awaySCS After
7/14/2018DBHarrisAcquired via tradeSCS After
7/14/2018DBUrena,JTraded awaySCS After
7/14/2018SCSDudaTraded awayAT After
7/14/2018SCSFeddeAcquired via tradeAT After
7/14/2018SCSHarrisTraded awayDB After
7/14/2018SCSUrena,JAcquired via tradeDB After
7/15/2018DBCanhaSigned  Before
7/15/2018DBCoveyPlaced on disabled list 7/14/2018Before
7/15/2018DBGantPromoted to active roster  Before
7/15/2018DBGarcia,JarReleased  Before
7/15/2018DBGoodrumSigned  Before
7/15/2018DBStrahmPromoted to active roster  Before
7/15/2018DBTomlinsonReleased  Before
7/15/2018DBUrena,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/15/2018DZHigashiokaSigned  Before
7/15/2018DZMcCarthy,BReleased  Before
7/15/2018PHIBauerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/15/2018PHICervelliPromoted to active roster  Before
7/19/2018ATOzunaTraded awayLB After
7/19/2018LBNelsonAcquired via tradeSCS After
7/19/2018LBOzunaAcquired via tradeAT After
7/19/2018SCSNelsonTraded awayLB After
7/20/2018ATGoharaPromoted to active roster  Before
7/20/2018ATPearceSigned  Before
7/20/2018ATSkaggsPlaced on disabled list 7/17/2018Before
7/20/2018DBRiddleSigned  Before
7/20/2018DBSlaterReleased  Before
7/20/2018FMAnderson,TyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/20/2018FMCasaliSigned  Before
7/20/2018FMCastillo,LPromoted to active roster  Before
7/20/2018FMKnappDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/20/2018FMSeverino,PReleased  Before
7/20/2018FWXGivensPromoted to active roster  Before
7/20/2018FWXGreen,CDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/20/2018GCCessaPromoted to active roster  Before
7/20/2018GCWeaver,LDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/20/2018KWAlbers,APromoted to active roster  Before
7/20/2018KWBowmanPromoted to active roster  Before
7/20/2018KWCastro,MDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/20/2018KWWheeler,ZDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/20/2018LBCandelarioDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/20/2018LBInfanteReleased  Before
7/20/2018LBMerrittPromoted to active roster  Before
7/20/2018LBRivera,RReleased  Before
7/20/2018LBStrailyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/20/2018LBYDunnDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/20/2018LBYHolland,GActivated from disabled list  Before
7/20/2018LBYKarnsPlaced on disabled list 7/5/2018Before
7/20/2018LBYLivelyPlaced on disabled list 7/9/2018Before
7/20/2018LBYMcCarthy,BSigned  Before
7/20/2018LBYRomanoPromoted to active roster  Before
7/20/2018LBYTomasReleased  Before
7/20/2018PHIBauerPromoted to active roster  Before
7/20/2018PHIKershawPlaced on disabled list 7/17/2018Before
7/20/2018SCSChisenhallDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/20/2018SCSHernandez,TPromoted to active roster  Before
7/27/2018ATGoinsReleased  Before
7/27/2018ATStanekSigned  Before
7/27/2018DZHildenbergerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/27/2018DZMatonPromoted to active roster  Before
7/27/2018FWXNolaPlaced on disabled list 7/21/2018Before
7/27/2018FWXPaganPromoted to active roster  Before
7/27/2018GCBiaginiPromoted to active roster  Before
7/27/2018GCCessaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/27/2018GCDelmonicoPromoted to active roster  Before
7/27/2018GCRevereDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/27/2018HHHBumgarnerPromoted to active roster  Before
7/27/2018HHHButlerPromoted to active roster  Before
7/27/2018HHHCalhoun,KDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/27/2018HHHCobbDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/27/2018HHHDaviesDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/27/2018HHHMarquezDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/27/2018HHHOlson,MPromoted to active roster  Before
7/27/2018HHHStriplingPromoted to active roster  Before
7/27/2018KWSteckenriderPromoted to active roster  Before
7/27/2018KWVelazquezDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/27/2018SCSBarnetteSigned  Before
7/27/2018SCSGiolitoPromoted to active roster  Before
7/27/2018SCSHansonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/27/2018SCSJankowski,TReleased  Before
7/27/2018SCSOdorizziDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/27/2018SCSOdorizziPromoted to active roster  Before
7/27/2018SCSUrena,JPromoted to active roster  Before
7/27/2018WBSDruryDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/27/2018WBSHarperActivated from disabled list  Before
8/2/2018ATAbreuAcquired via tradeLBY After
8/2/2018ATGarverTraded awayLBY After
8/2/2018ATMarte,KTraded awayLBY After
8/2/2018ATReyesAcquired via tradeLBY After
8/2/2018DBMatzAcquired via tradeFWX After
8/2/2018DBNolaAcquired via tradeFWX After
8/2/2018DBRojasTraded awayFWX After
8/2/2018DBStrahmTraded awayRW After
8/2/2018DBSwansonTraded awayFWX After
8/2/2018DBVelasquezAcquired via tradeRW After
8/2/2018FWXMatzTraded awayDB After
8/2/2018FWXNolaTraded awayDB After
8/2/2018FWXQuintanaAcquired via tradeLB After
8/2/2018FWXRojasAcquired via tradeDB After
8/2/2018FWXSwansonAcquired via tradeDB After
8/2/2018LBChapman,MAcquired via tradePHI After
8/2/2018LBKnebelTraded awayPHI After
8/2/2018LBOzunaTraded awayPHI After
8/2/2018LBQuintanaTraded awayFWX After
8/2/2018LBYAbreuTraded awayAT After
8/2/2018LBYGarverAcquired via tradeAT After
8/2/2018LBYMarte,KAcquired via tradeAT After
8/2/2018LBYReyesTraded awayAT After
8/2/2018PHIChapman,MTraded awayLB After
8/2/2018PHIKnebelAcquired via tradeLB After
8/2/2018PHIOzunaAcquired via tradeLB After
8/2/2018RWStrahmAcquired via tradeDB After
8/2/2018RWVelasquezTraded awayDB After
8/3/2018ATBarretoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018ATBarretoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/3/2018ATGoharaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018ATGoharaPromoted to active roster  Before
8/3/2018ATLeiterReleased  Before
8/3/2018ATPerez,RSigned  Before
8/3/2018ATReyesDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018ATSkaggsActivated from disabled list  Before
8/3/2018ATStanekDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018DBBarnes,JReleased  Before
8/3/2018DBCanhaPromoted to active roster  Before
8/3/2018DBDiaz,YSigned  Before
8/3/2018DBGantDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018DBGermanPromoted to active roster  Before
8/3/2018DBHarrisPromoted to active roster  Before
8/3/2018DBKemp,TSigned  Before
8/3/2018DBMayersReleased  Before
8/3/2018DBMorontaPromoted to active roster  Before
8/3/2018DBNarvaezDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018DBRiddlePromoted to active roster  Before
8/3/2018DBSandovalReleased  Before
8/3/2018DBSlaterSigned  Before
8/3/2018DBSlaterDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018DBVelasquezPromoted to active roster  Before
8/3/2018DBWhiteSigned  Before
8/3/2018DBWhiteDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018DBWilliams,TaReleased  Before
8/3/2018DBWilliams,TaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018DZAhmedDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018DZRosario,AmPromoted to active roster  Before
8/3/2018FMAvilaSigned  Before
8/3/2018FMCasaliDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018FMRivera,RSigned  Before
8/3/2018FMRivera,TActivated from disabled list  Before
8/3/2018FMRivera,TDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018FMRuppSigned  Before
8/3/2018FWXRodriguez,SDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018FWXSwansonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018FWXWhitleyReleased  Before
8/3/2018HHHKluberDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018HHHSanchez,AaPromoted to active roster  Before
8/3/2018LBAlbers,MDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018LBCandelarioPromoted to active roster  Before
8/3/2018LBChapman,MPromoted to active roster  Before
8/3/2018LBHernandez,FPromoted to active roster  Before
8/3/2018LBJones,NPromoted to active roster  Before
8/3/2018LBPinedaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018LBStrailyPromoted to active roster  Before
8/3/2018LBYDelgadoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018LBYFariaActivated from disabled list  Before
8/3/2018LBYGravemanDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018LBYLivelyActivated from disabled list  Before
8/3/2018PHIAlbiesDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018PHICervelliDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018PHINimmoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018PHIRamirez,Jose,AReleased  Before
8/3/2018PHITorreyesPromoted to active roster  Before
8/3/2018RWBenoitPromoted to active roster  Before
8/3/2018RWBushDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018RWCarreraPromoted to active roster  Before
8/3/2018RWEllisPromoted to active roster  Before
8/3/2018RWFowler,DeDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018RWMartin,LDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018RWMartin,LPromoted to active roster  Before
8/3/2018RWStrahmDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018RWSucreDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018RWZieglerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018RWZieglerPromoted to active roster  Before
8/3/2018SCSGoeddelSigned  Before
8/3/2018WWLametDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018WWTomlinPromoted to active roster  Before
8/10/2018CRWPetersPromoted to active roster  Before
8/10/2018CRWStrattonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/10/2018DZValaikaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/10/2018FMLa StellaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/10/2018FWXDuffyActivated from disabled list  Before
8/10/2018LBCarleSigned  Before
8/10/2018LBJankowski,TSigned  Before
8/10/2018LCAustinPromoted to active roster  Before
8/10/2018LCBeltreDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/10/2018LCBlackburnPromoted to active roster  Before
8/10/2018LCPhillips,BraSigned  Before
8/10/2018LCWalker,NDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/17/2018ATAlfordReleased  Before
8/17/2018ATCain,MReleased  Before
8/17/2018ATChenSigned  Before
8/17/2018ATCingraniReleased  Before
8/17/2018ATDespaigneSigned  Before
8/17/2018ATDudaReleased  Before
8/17/2018ATGibsonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/17/2018ATGibsonPromoted to active roster  Before
8/17/2018ATGoharaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/17/2018ATHardy,BDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/17/2018ATInfanteSigned  Before
8/17/2018ATInfantePromoted to active roster  Before
8/17/2018ATJohnson,BSigned  Before
8/17/2018ATMorganSigned  Before
8/17/2018ATMorganPromoted to active roster  Before
8/17/2018ATPeralta,WaSigned  Before
8/17/2018ATRosario,RReleased  Before
8/17/2018ATRoss,JReleased  Before
8/17/2018CRWHendricksDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/17/2018CRWJunisDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/17/2018CRWSkoglundPromoted to active roster  Before
8/17/2018CRWTillmanPromoted to active roster  Before
8/17/2018DBGantPromoted to active roster  Before
8/17/2018DBGermanDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/17/2018FFODoolittleDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/17/2018FFOJeffressPromoted to active roster  Before
8/17/2018FMAndujarPromoted to active roster  Before
8/17/2018FMAvilaPromoted to active roster  Before
8/17/2018FMCastillo,LDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/17/2018FMCrawford,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/17/2018FMDyson,SPromoted to active roster  Before
8/17/2018FMFlaherty,JPromoted to active roster  Before
8/17/2018FMKelaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/17/2018FWXBrantleyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/17/2018FWXPeralta,DPromoted to active roster  Before
8/17/2018LBBuehlerPromoted to active roster  Before
8/17/2018LBPhelpsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/17/2018LBYKarnsActivated from disabled list  Before
8/17/2018LBYMarte,KPromoted to active roster  Before
8/17/2018LCAguilarDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/17/2018LCPhillips,BraReleased  Before
8/17/2018LCRichardsPromoted to active roster  Before
8/17/2018LCSmith,JoeDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/17/2018LCSogardSigned  Before
8/17/2018LCWalker,NReleased  Before
8/17/2018PHIKershawActivated from disabled list  Before
8/17/2018PHIPaxtonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/17/2018RWGonzalez,AReleased  Before
8/17/2018RWPelfreySigned  Before
8/24/2018ATDespaigneReleased  Before
8/24/2018ATRoss,JSigned  Before
8/24/2018CRWGrandersonPromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2018CRWPedroiaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/24/2018DBAlcantara,SDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/24/2018DBAlcantara,SPromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2018DBAsuajeSigned  Before
8/24/2018DBAsuajeDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/24/2018DBCoveyActivated from disabled list  Before
8/24/2018DBCoveyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/24/2018DBGomez,CReleased  Before
8/24/2018DBGray,JPromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2018DBHarrisDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/24/2018DBHarrisPromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2018DBHarrisDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/24/2018DBKemp,TPromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2018DBMorontaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/24/2018DBNolaActivated from disabled list  Before
8/24/2018DBNolaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/24/2018DBRiddlePlaced on disabled list 8/21/2018Before
8/24/2018DBRondon,HPromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2018DBSaladinoReleased  Before
8/24/2018DBSlaterPromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2018DBUrena,RSigned  Before
8/24/2018DBUrena,RDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/24/2018DBVelasquezDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/24/2018DBVillanuevaPromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2018DBWhitePromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2018DLCMorrowDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/24/2018DLCNorris,BPromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2018DLCPeacockDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/24/2018DLCPeacockPromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2018DLCPeralta,WiSigned  Before
8/24/2018FFOFriedPromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2018FFOGiavotellaPromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2018FFOHealyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/24/2018FFOKinslerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/24/2018FFOLindDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/24/2018FFOMolinaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/24/2018FFORasmusPromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2018FFOSiscoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2018FFOTurner,TDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/24/2018FFOVillarPromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2018FMAvilaReleased  Before
8/24/2018FMLa StellaReleased  Before
8/24/2018FMRivera,TPromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2018FWXAdlemanSigned  Before
8/24/2018FWXde la Rosa,JReleased  Before
8/24/2018FWXSantiagoSigned  Before
8/24/2018FWXShaw,BReleased  Before
8/24/2018HHHButlerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/24/2018HHHCobbPromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2018HHHKluberPromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2018HHHSanchez,AaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/24/2018KWErvinSigned  Before
8/24/2018KWMcGowan,DReleased  Before
8/24/2018LBYDunnPromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2018LBYGonzalesPromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2018LBYLyonsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/24/2018LBYMcCarthy,BDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/24/2018PHIJackson,ESigned  Before
8/24/2018PHISewaldReleased  Before
8/24/2018RWMcHughDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/24/2018RWMejia,AdPromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2018SCSBarnettePromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2018SCSBetancesDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/24/2018SCSGiolitoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/24/2018SCSSanchez,AniPromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2018WWAndriesePromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2018WWFulmer,MDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2018ATChenReleased  Before
8/31/2018ATChenDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2018ATFloroSigned  Before
8/31/2018ATFloroDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2018ATJohnson,BPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018CRWAltavillaPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018CRWCuetoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2018CRWHartPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018CRWHughes,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2018CRWScott,RPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018CRWSenzatelaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2018DBAlcantara,VSigned  Before
8/31/2018DBAlfordSigned  Before
8/31/2018DBAlfordDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2018DBAlfordPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018DBAlfordDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2018DBAsuajePromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018DBCoveyPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018DBGantDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2018DBHernandez,GReleased  Before
8/31/2018DBMatzReleased  Before
8/31/2018DBMatzSigned  Before
8/31/2018DBMesoracoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2018DBNarvaezPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018DBRickardSigned  Before
8/31/2018DBSlaterReleased  Before
8/31/2018DBVillanuevaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2018DLCPeacockPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018DLCSuterDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2018FMCrawford,JPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018FMFieldsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2018FWXHamelsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2018FWXSantiagoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018GCCorreaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2018GCGalvisPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018KWAbadReleased  Before
8/31/2018KWAlbers,AReleased  Before
8/31/2018KWDiekmanSigned  Before
8/31/2018KWDyson,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2018KWKochSigned  Before
8/31/2018KWKochDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2018KWLugoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018KWMartinez,JoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018KWRamos,AReleased  Before
8/31/2018KWSaladinoSigned  Before
8/31/2018KWVolquezReleased  Before
8/31/2018KWWilliams,TaSigned  Before
8/31/2018LBBedrosianSigned  Before
8/31/2018LBBummerSigned  Before
8/31/2018LBDrewReleased  Before
8/31/2018LBMerrittReleased  Before
8/31/2018LBMiller,SReleased  Before
8/31/2018LBPhelpsReleased  Before
8/31/2018LBSandovalSigned  Before
8/31/2018LBSeverino,PSigned  Before
8/31/2018LBSeverino,PDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2018LBYMcAllisterDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2018LBYMcCarthy,BPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018LBYNeshekDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2018LBYSiegristPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018LCLopez,RePromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018LCWood,ADemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2018SCSEdwardsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2018SCSGoeddelPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018SEAHoltPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018SEARussellDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2018WBSCahillPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018WBSHapp,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/7/2018ATBarretoPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018ATFloroPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018ATGibsonPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018ATGoharaPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018ATHardy,BPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018ATHellicksonPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018ATLylesPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018ATPerez,RPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018ATReyesPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018ATRusinDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/7/2018ATSabathiaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/7/2018ATSkaggsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/7/2018ATSoriaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/7/2018ATStanekPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018CRWCuetoPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018CRWHellerPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018CRWHollidayDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/7/2018CRWHughes,JPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018CRWLiriano,FPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018CRWWilson,APromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018DBAlcantara,SPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018DBAlfordPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018DBAlvaradoPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018DBGantPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018DBHarrisPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018DBMesoracoPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018DBNolaPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018DBUrena,RPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018DBVelasquezPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018DBVillanuevaPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018DLCBarnes,APromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018DLCCalhoun,WPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018DLCEllsburyPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018DLCGonzalez,EPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018DLCMcGeePromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018DLCMejia,FPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018DLCParker,BDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/7/2018DLCPeralta,WiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/7/2018DLCPeralta,WiPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018DLCSwarzakReleased  Before
9/7/2018DLCWinklerPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018DZAranoPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018DZCaratiniPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018DZCole,APromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018DZCottonPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018DZGlasnowPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018DZMartesPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018DZMiller,BPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018DZMurphy,TPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018DZReed,CPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018DZTapiaPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018FFOHealyPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018FFOHolland,DPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018FFOKinslerPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018FFOLindPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018FFOMcCarthy,KPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018FFOMolinaPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018FFOTorres,CPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018FFOTreinenPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018FMAybarSigned  Before
9/7/2018FMCrawford,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/7/2018FMForsytheDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/7/2018FMRomoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/7/2018FWXBirdPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018FWXJayPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018FWXMailePromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018FWXMargotPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018FWXRodriguez,SPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018FWXSmith,CarPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018FWXSwansonPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018FWXSwihartPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018GCBrebbiaPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018GCCecchiniPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018GCCessaPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018GCGosselinPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018GCHernandez,MPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018GCMarinezPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018GCMartin,RPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018GCMiddletonPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018GCMontasPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018GCReverePromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018HHHBandyPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018HHHButlerPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018HHHCalhoun,KPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018HHHChavezPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018HHHDaviesPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018HHHEflinPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018HHHGsellmanPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018HHHKipnisPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018HHHMarquezPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018HHHSanchez,AaPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018HHHSantanderPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018HHHSimsPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018KWDyson,JPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018KWErvinPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018KWFisherPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018KWFlorimonPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018KWHaniganPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018KWMendezPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018KWSaladinoPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018LBBedrosianPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018LBBummerPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018LBCarlePromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018LBChatwoodPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018LBFreelandPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018LBJankowski,TPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018LBNelsonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/7/2018LBPinedaPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018LBTanakaPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018LBVogelbachPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018LBWendlePromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018LBWoodruffPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018LBYBellingerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/7/2018LBYCorderoPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018LBYFeliz,MPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018LBYGarverPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018LBYMcCarthy,BDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/7/2018LBYMurphy,JPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018LBYNorris,DePromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018LBYVerdugoPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018LCAguilarPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018LCAlvarez,HPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018LCBrinsonPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018LCKelly,CPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018LCPaulinoPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018LCPradoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/7/2018PHIAlbiesPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018PHICervelliPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018PHIJackson,EPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018PHIJimenez,JPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018PHILeonePromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018PHIMcMahonPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018PHINaquinPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018PHIPazosPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018PHITriggsPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018RWBushPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018RWFowler,DePromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018RWIwakumaPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018RWJoseph,CPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018RWOlson,TPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018RWPelfreyPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018RWPowellPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018RWStrahmPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018RWSucrePromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018RWWright,SPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018RWZieglerPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018SCSBeltDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/7/2018SCSDiaz,APromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018SCSFeddePromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018SCSGiolitoPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018SCSGuerra,JuPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018SCSHansonPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018SCSMoranPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018SCSPedersonPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018SCSRodriguez,RichPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018SEAAvilanPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018SEAEatonPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018SEAEngelPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018SEAFlexenPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018SEAMarte,JPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018SEAOsuna,JPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018SEASierraPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018SEASolerPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018SEASuzuki,KDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/7/2018SEAWoltersPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018WBSBailey,HPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018WBSBroxton,KPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018WBSDruryPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018WBSFrazier,CPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018WBSHeaneyPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018WBSMondesiPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018WBSRoss,TPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018WBSSmith,DoPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018WBSYatesPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018WWArroyo,CPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018WWBibens-DirkxPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018WWFlynnPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018WWFryPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018WWKiermaierDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/7/2018WWMaplesPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018WWRobertson,DanlPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018WWRobles,VPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018WWSantana,EdPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018WWSherfyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/7/2018WWSmith,CalPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2018WWSolartePromoted to active roster  Before
9/14/2018ATRoss,JPlaced on disabled list 9/13/2018Before
9/14/2018DLCGoodyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/14/2018DZBerriosPlaced on disabled list 9/10/2018Before
9/14/2018FFORayDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/14/2018FMAndujarDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/14/2018FMGoinsSigned  Before
9/14/2018FMGomez,CSigned  Before
9/14/2018HHHRosenthalDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/14/2018KWBlevinsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/14/2018KWWilliams,TaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/14/2018KWWilliams,TaPromoted to active roster  Before
9/14/2018LBBuehlerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/14/2018RWReddickDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/14/2018SCSGiolitoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/14/2018SCSGyorkoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/14/2018SEABaez,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/14/2018SEAMartinez,JDDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/14/2018SEAWainwrightDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/14/2018SEAWalker,TDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/14/2018WBSTroutDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/14/2018WBSTulowitzkiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/14/2018WWKemp,MDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/19/2018CRWHunterDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/19/2018CRWSkoglundDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/19/2018CRWStropDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/19/2018DLCBridwellPromoted to active roster  Before
9/19/2018DLCTaylor,CDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/19/2018DZIannettaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/19/2018FFOAdrianzaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/19/2018FFOScherzerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/19/2018FWXVizcainoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/19/2018GCCashnerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/19/2018GCDevenskiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/19/2018GCHernandez,CDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/19/2018KWAlbers,AReleased  Before
9/19/2018KWAlbers,ASigned  Before
9/19/2018KWKeuchelDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/19/2018KWVolquezSigned  Before
9/19/2018LBYFoltynewiczDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/19/2018LCGomesDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/19/2018RWPanikDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/19/2018SEABuxtonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/19/2018SEAMaedaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/19/2018WBSDavis,WDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/19/2018WWGalloDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/24/2018ATRodneyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/24/2018CRWBergmanSigned  Before
9/24/2018CRWCuetoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/24/2018CRWHeywardDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/24/2018CRWMadsonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/24/2018CRWRamirez,HDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/24/2018DLCMortonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/24/2018DZManciniDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/24/2018FFOGilesDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/24/2018FFOSchugelDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/24/2018GCThamesDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/24/2018KWDiekmanDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/24/2018LBArrietaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/24/2018LBNelsonPromoted to active roster  Before
9/24/2018LBYMcCarthy,BPromoted to active roster  Before
9/24/2018LCAvilaSigned  Before
9/24/2018LCDarvishDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/24/2018LCFreeman,SDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/24/2018LCPlaweckiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/24/2018PHIAlmoraDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/24/2018PHINunez,EDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/24/2018PHISeguraDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/24/2018RWSaleDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/24/2018WBSPoseyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/24/2018WBSVerlanderDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/24/2018WWFlowersDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/24/2018WWRobles,VDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/24/2018WWWittgrenDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/29/2018ATGoharaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/29/2018ATRoss,JActivated from disabled list  Before
9/29/2018CRWLeiterSigned  Before
9/29/2018CRWPetersDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/29/2018FWXAdlemanPromoted to active roster  Before
9/29/2018FWXLynnDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/29/2018FWXStrasburgDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/29/2018GCGray,SDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/29/2018KWJansenDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/29/2018LBNelsonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/29/2018LBYKarnsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/29/2018LBYMarte,KDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/29/2018LBYMcCarthy,BDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/29/2018LBYRobles,HDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/29/2018PHISantana,ErDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/29/2018RWCamargoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/29/2018SCSButeraSigned  Before
9/29/2018SCSCishekDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/29/2018SCSGattisDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/29/2018SEAHendriksDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/29/2018WBSHarperDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/29/2018WWSanoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/4/2018ATSpringerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/4/2018CRWHughes,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/4/2018CRWMelanconDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/4/2018DLCClevingerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/4/2018DLCConfortoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/4/2018DLCPinaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/4/2018DZAmaristaSigned  Before
10/4/2018DZRosario,AmDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/4/2018FMBoydDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/4/2018FMMirandaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/4/2018FWXMcCann,BDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/4/2018GCFeldmanDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/4/2018HHHBumgarnerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/4/2018HHHDeJongDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/4/2018HHHHerrera,ODemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/4/2018KWChooDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/4/2018KWSanchez,GDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/4/2018LBSeager,CDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/4/2018LBZimmermanDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/4/2018LBYHolland,GDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/4/2018LBYRiveroDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/4/2018RWArciaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/4/2018RWBarneySigned  Before
10/4/2018RWKendrick,HDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/6/2018DBRiddleActivated from disabled list  Before
10/9/2018CRWRzepczynskiPromoted to active roster  Before
10/9/2018DBUrena,RDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/9/2018FMDietrichDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/9/2018FMFinneganSigned  Before
10/9/2018FMGaviglioDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/9/2018FMGentrySigned  Before
10/9/2018FMKeplerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/9/2018FMMahleDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/9/2018FMMilnerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/9/2018FMStoryDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/9/2018FWXHaderDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/9/2018FWXMcCullersDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/9/2018GCKelly,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/9/2018GCShoemakerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/9/2018KWWilliams,TaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/9/2018PHIAltuveDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/9/2018PHIRyuDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/9/2018RWReed,AdDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/9/2018SEATeheranDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/9/2018WBSBarracloughDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/15/2018LCAguilarDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/15/2018LCAlvarez,HDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/15/2018LCAustinDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/15/2018LCAvilaReleased  Before
10/15/2018LCBeltrePromoted to active roster  Before
10/15/2018LCBrinsonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/15/2018LCBusenitzPromoted to active roster  Before
10/15/2018LCCedenoPromoted to active roster  Before
10/15/2018LCDarvishPromoted to active roster  Before
10/15/2018LCFreeman,SPromoted to active roster  Before
10/15/2018LCGomesPromoted to active roster  Before
10/15/2018LCHaysDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/15/2018LCKelly,CDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/15/2018LCLopez,ReDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/15/2018LCMeyerPromoted to active roster  Before
10/15/2018LCPlaweckiPromoted to active roster  Before
10/15/2018LCPradoPromoted to active roster  Before
10/15/2018LCRichardsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/15/2018LCSmith,JoePromoted to active roster  Before
10/15/2018LCUriasDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/15/2018LCWood,APromoted to active roster  Before
10/15/2018LCWorkmanDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/15/2018SEABaez,JPromoted to active roster  Before
10/15/2018SEABuxtonPromoted to active roster  Before
10/15/2018SEADifoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/15/2018SEAEngelDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/15/2018SEAFlexenDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/15/2018SEAHendriksPromoted to active roster  Before
10/15/2018SEAMaedaPromoted to active roster  Before
10/15/2018SEAMarte,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/15/2018SEAMartinez,JDPromoted to active roster  Before
10/15/2018SEANewcombDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/15/2018SEANewcombPromoted to active roster  Before
10/15/2018SEAOsuna,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/15/2018SEAPivettaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/15/2018SEARogersDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/15/2018SEARogersPromoted to active roster  Before
10/15/2018SEARussellPromoted to active roster  Before
10/15/2018SEASierraDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/15/2018SEASolerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/15/2018SEASuzuki,KPromoted to active roster  Before
10/15/2018SEATeheranPromoted to active roster  Before
10/15/2018SEATorres,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/15/2018SEAWainwrightPromoted to active roster  Before
10/15/2018SEAWalker,TPromoted to active roster  Before
10/15/2018SEAWoltersDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018DLCBridwellDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018DLCCalhoun,WDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018DLCClevingerPromoted to active roster  Before
10/17/2018DLCConfortoPromoted to active roster  Before
10/17/2018DLCCorbinDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018DLCGonzalez,EDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018DLCGoodyPromoted to active roster  Before
10/17/2018DLCHicks,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018DLCMcGeeDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018DLCMejia,FDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018DLCMorrowPromoted to active roster  Before
10/17/2018DLCMortonPromoted to active roster  Before
10/17/2018DLCParker,BPromoted to active roster  Before
10/17/2018DLCPinaPromoted to active roster  Before
10/17/2018DLCRamirez,JCDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018DLCScheblerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018DLCSuterPromoted to active roster  Before
10/17/2018DLCTaylor,CPromoted to active roster  Before
10/17/2018HHHBandyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018HHHBumgarnerPromoted to active roster  Before
10/17/2018HHHButlerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018HHHCalhoun,KDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018HHHChavezDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018HHHDaviesDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018HHHDeJongPromoted to active roster  Before
10/17/2018HHHEflinDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018HHHGsellmanDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018HHHHerrera,OPromoted to active roster  Before
10/17/2018HHHKipnisDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018HHHPerez,HDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018HHHRosenthalPromoted to active roster  Before
10/17/2018HHHSanchez,AaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018HHHSantanderDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018HHHSimsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018WBSBailey,HDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018WBSBarracloughPromoted to active roster  Before
10/17/2018WBSBroxton,KDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018WBSCahillDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018WBSDavis,WPromoted to active roster  Before
10/17/2018WBSDruryDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018WBSHapp,JPromoted to active roster  Before
10/17/2018WBSHarperPromoted to active roster  Before
10/17/2018WBSHarveyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018WBSHeaneyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018WBSMercerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018WBSMondesiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018WBSPoseyPromoted to active roster  Before
10/17/2018WBSPricePromoted to active roster  Before
10/17/2018WBSRoss,TDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018WBSSmith,DoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
10/17/2018WBSTroutPromoted to active roster  Before
10/17/2018WBSTulowitzkiPromoted to active roster  Before
10/17/2018WBSVerlanderPromoted to active roster  Before
10/17/2018WBSYatesDemoted to reserve roster  Before